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I have been practicing yoga for 24 years, and teaching for 10 years - having trained with the 'Active Birth Association', London, and the 'Victor Foundation'.


I'm Asthmatic and hated 'P.E.' at school feeling constantly out of breath and therefore out of tune with my body. Through yoga I have found a different kind of 'fitness', a strength and suppleness - where I can control my breath, making it work for me. I love yoga as it encourages you to use your body and your breath - making the best of yourself, whatever point you are at in lifes journey. In this hectic world I believe we all need to make a little time to relax and take our focus inwards -particularly as we enter and move through parenthood.



The yoga I teach is primarily a mixture of 'Hatha' and 'Iyengar' strongly influenced by all the teachers that have inspired me over the years. I was lucky enough to study under Janet Balaskas, a pioneer of Active Birth Yoga and completed my course in 2006 a couple of months before having my second boy, probably the only course where being pregnant myself proved to be an advantage! 





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